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You can get started just by watching the videos before you put into practice. Some drills can be done on a heavy bag but the best training is done with a partner, so find someone with a keen interest and get to work!

No, this site is perfect for all levels including beginners! We advise that you start at the beginners course and spend lots of time perfecting each drill until you are confident before moving on to other courses.

No, that’s the beauty of these courses, you can set up your own training area and get to work! Remember safety is always paramount so take care when training. If you do decide to join a gym always make sure the coach is legit, you can always email us for recommendations!

Ideally yes, a lot of the videos and drills will work much better with a partner! For those without a training partner, we will have solo drills and bag drills that can help. Plus just watching the partner drills will still help you too improve!

Yes, he is a multiple time champion in MMA with over 100 fights experience. He has trained all over the world and has coached many fighters from amateur level right up to the UFC. You are in very good hands just check our testimonials!

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