Real life results from clients, friends and fighters that have shared the training room with me.

“I’ve been to Danny’s gyms in the past, he is a great martial artist, his understanding of the MMA game is very impressive, he is a great asset to anyone in the area, if I lived in this area this [AVT] is where I would train”

Frank Mir – Former UFC Heavyweight Championn

"I've trained with Danny for a few years now and he is genuinely one of the best coaches I've worked with. Can ask a question on any area and he will have some knowledge in it, and it's all come from getting in there and doing it himself, learning the trade."

Owen Livesey - Commonweal th Games Gold Medallistn

"Danny is a world class coach that has worked with fighters from their very first day all the way up to the biggest platforms like the UFC. By doing it himself, you know it's all battle tested and up to date knowledge that really works, with no BS. There is no area of fighting that he doesn't know about and he has helped me and many others on our fighting journeys that have led us around the world, competing against the best."

Jason Furness - European MMA Championn

Having Danny’s insights into martial arts both inside the gym and on his website has been the single best thing I’ve done for myself and my team. Extremely knowledgable, easy to follow and it’s stuff that works! 10/10

Connor Halliday, Head Coach - The Unit MMAn

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